Saturday, March 6, 2010

Schedule of Production

Although I've had nine books published, this is the first time I've been given a schedule that shows me how the latest book, Growing Up Ivy, will proceed down the production line. I'm enjoying being part of the process.

The manuscript, submitted in February of last year, was accepted for publication last October, and the contract between the publisher and myself was signed the end of that month. June 21, 2010 was given as the publication date.

The first item on the schedule was the Manuscript Due Date. My final version of the manuscript, as well as all materials that were going into the book -- dedication, acknowledgements etc. -- had to be in the publisher's hands by November 30th. Since then, the cover has been chosen (it had to go into the spring catalogue), and lots of advertising copy written.

Last week I met my editor, via email, and got the dates for the next stages in the book's development. I was happy to hear that the editor will now begin the process of Copyediting the Manuscript. This is a meticulous task and will take a month to complete.

I will have from April 2nd to April 9th to respond to any of the copyeditor's queries. This is called the Author Review, and it will be the last opportunity to make any changes before the book goes to Design. It is very costly to make any major changes after the book has been designed.

It will be in design from April 16-23rd. After that, I will receive the designed page proofs and have a week to review them and submit any corrections. This is referred to as the First Proof Review. All this must be done before May 7th.

When the final design work is complete (it takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks), I'll be sent a set of page proofs, along with the front and back cover designs. This will be my last chance to look at the book before it goes to the printer.

Look out world, here comes Ivy Chalmers!
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Willow said...

That's exciting that "Ivy" is almost out! Is the publication of each book exciting or does the thrill wear off?

Peggy Dymond Leavey said...

It's always exciting, Willow. Even though the whole process seems to take forever. Kind of like waiting for a baby to be born!