Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Literacy Day School Visit

I had a great time at a local school earlier this week when I was one of the presenters at Family Literacy Day. It was the first time the school had marked the day in this way, and they did a tremendous job of it. They combined the event with a two-day book fair, well-attended by both the students and their families. They were able to use the proceeds from the sale to help with the cost of all the other events they had planned for the day.

During the afternoon, the students were able to choose from a variety of literacy-based activities set up throughout the school. They could listen to stories, play board games, make a craft, assemble a wooden toy by following written instructions, or meet and talk to some real-live authors. Each student had a passport that was stamped when they arrived at their chosen destinations.

I had four groups of students come to my location, and judging from their smiling faces, they were enjoying their day. The display of all my books prompted immediate interest. Leaving time for questions and discussion at the end, I did a short reading from Growing Up Ivy. It seemed especially appropriate for Literacy Day. When 12-year-old Ivy meets her father for the first time, she is surprised to learn that he can neither read nor write. She decides that over the summer, while they travel the roads together in a horse-drawn caravan peddling shoes, she will teach him to read.

A lot of work went into making Family Literacy Day such a success, and I commend everyone involved. Thank you for including me in your event.

Till next time, keep reading and writing!

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