Monday, December 22, 2008

Getting Noticed

A couple of my attempts to get some publicity for the new book have paid off. Of the seven papers to which I sent press releases, only one responded with a request for an interview. I was pleased that it happened to be the local paper, sold by subscription and on newstands in this city. The story ran last Friday--a quarter-page spread, complete with pictures--very gratifying.

Earlier, when it appeared that no one was picking up the story, I phoned a reporter whose work I've admired and who has interviewed me in the past. She made an appointment and came out to my home. We chatted and she took pictures for an hour. The result was a piece that ran in another paper.

It's a good idea, I've decided, to get to know one or two reporters personally. It saves a lot of needless effort and can result in a more in-depth article.

Season's Greetings.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Here!

The new book, sequel to Treasure at Turtle Lake, has arrived. Here is what it looks like.

In Trouble at Turtle Narrows, 13 year old Joel has just moved into the old Clifton House in Turtle Narrows with his family and his new dog, Molly. One night, while out with his dog, the two stumble upon some suspicious activity at a nearby, empty warehouse.

Is there a connection between what Joel sees happening there in the dark and the mysterious man he overhears demanding money from his father? When Joel and his friends Paige and Matt make a grisly discovery in Algonquin Park, Joel's father becomes a suspect.

Now, Joel must take immediate action to prove his dad's innocence.

The book is a mystery/adventure for young readers 9 and over. It is available in bookstores across Canada and the US. ISBN 978-1-894917-71-1. Price $9.95
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Saturday, December 6, 2008


The first copies of my new book have arrived. I've been busy ever since. On Monday I faxed and emailed press releases about my new creation to all the local newspapers, providing them with enough material to write a brief story, even if they don't contact me for an interview.

For two days I was on the road visiting bookstores in the area, covering over 300 kms. in order to show the book and make sure the buyers had the flier with the ordering information. With only three weeks till Christmas, I'm trying to create some buzz for the book.

The publisher also sent me a very attractive e-advertisement to use as an attachment when I email friends, family and anyone else who ever showed interest in my writing. At the end of the week I used the e-ad as a reminder to the bookstore owners I'd visited earlier.

Promotion is, for me, the hardest part of producing a book. It takes careful planning and then plenty of legwork. But in these days of dwindling resources, publicity departments have all but disappeared. An author has to be prepared to do whatever it takes to get the word out. This is no time to be modest. There's a bookmark in every Christmas card I send out this year.

Till next time.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

My garden

This will be the view I will keep in my mind as the snow begins to pile up over the next few months.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Writing can be a lonely business. By necessity, it's a solitary pursuit. So it's always fun to get out and meet my young readers. I always welcome the opportunity to talk to children in schools and libraries. Here I am at one of my book launches.
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