Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's Here!

The new book, sequel to Treasure at Turtle Lake, has arrived. Here is what it looks like.

In Trouble at Turtle Narrows, 13 year old Joel has just moved into the old Clifton House in Turtle Narrows with his family and his new dog, Molly. One night, while out with his dog, the two stumble upon some suspicious activity at a nearby, empty warehouse.

Is there a connection between what Joel sees happening there in the dark and the mysterious man he overhears demanding money from his father? When Joel and his friends Paige and Matt make a grisly discovery in Algonquin Park, Joel's father becomes a suspect.

Now, Joel must take immediate action to prove his dad's innocence.

The book is a mystery/adventure for young readers 9 and over. It is available in bookstores across Canada and the US. ISBN 978-1-894917-71-1. Price $9.95
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Willow said...

Strong plot, kids should love it!