Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Fresh Eyes

Later this week I'm scheduled to receive the copy edited pages of Growing Up Ivy from the publisher. I will have one week to review them and to respond to any queries the editor has. Since that week also includes Easter, it's going to be a busy time!

I'm interested in seeing the editor's suggestions. A writer tends to lose objectivity when she's been this close to a project for a long period of time. (In my case, usually about two years.)

Before the file arrives in my email inbox, I'm trying to finish the latest revisions on the novel-in-progress. When that's done, I plan to put it away for a few weeks. It needs to "gel." And I need some distance from it, so that the next time I see it, it will be with fresh eyes. The same as I'll have when I get to read "Growing Up Ivy" this week.


Willow said...

Good luck reviewing the copy-edited version. When I was looking for an editor for my novel, I had several work on a few pages and their comments were so different, one from another--some were pretty amateurish, as I was working with freelancers. Have you worked with this editor before, do you know?

Peggy Dymond Leavey said...

No, this is the editor assigned to this book by my new publisher. I must say, she's making me look good! My previous publisher had her own editor, and I enjoyed working with him too over the years.