Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Signing

I've just spent an interesting weekend, representing the Spirit of the Hills Writers' Group with a table at the Warkworth Maple Syrup Festival. I was the only writer there, surrounded by vendors selling crafts and baked goods. It was a weekend of people-watching and non-stop smiling.Everyone was friendly.

There were plenty of children visiting the festival with their families, and it was rewarding to have a number of them recognize the books on my table. "Oh, we have that one, Mommy!" or "We read that one in school."
The three books that had been part of the Silver Birch reading program in the Ontario schools reminded the youngsters of the fun they'd had reading the books on the list that year, and finally voting for their favourite. I assured them that the authors whose books had been selected for the program had as much fun as the kids.

"I know you," one girl said. "You came to our library last year." Then she picked out all the books on the table that she could remember.
I enjoyed talking to a number of school teachers who happened by, a couple of whom were already familiar with my work and who expressed an interest in having me visit their classrooms.

To pass the time I scribbled notes on future posts for this blog and worked on a scene I'm writing for the novel-in-progress. I signed books that were going to a classroom in Nova Scotia and to grandchildren as far away as Texas. There was one lovely man who bought two books for his granddaughter, Maia, who lives in Bermuda. He came back later to take a picture of me to send to Maia along with the books. You've got to love that!
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Willow said...

What a nice day! Sounds like you really had fun.