Sunday, June 27, 2010

Staying Healthy

You may already know that Ernest Hemingway used to stand to do his writing. That could explain the raised typewriter in the photograph.

Lately, I've heard it said that sitting for long periods of time has adverse effects on one's health. That could be bad news for us writers. Maybe Hemingway was ahead of his time. I know of several Canadian writers who have recently invested in treadmill desks, which allow them to write and walk at the same time.

Personally, I try to get up from my chair and move around, after about an hour of sitting at my desk. And recently I've even tried standing while I write.

At first, I had trouble finding a place that was the right height for me to work at. A podium would be perfect, if I had such a thing. But I've since discovered that the pass-through between our dining room and kitchen works just as well, and it has a wide enough surface that I can spread out my work. So, I'm alternating now between sitting and standing.

I know I'm not getting the exercise I would if I were walking, but a brisk walk is part of my daily regime anyway. And I prefer to do that outdoors.

Write on!
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