Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Here!

Here it is, folks, Growing Up Ivy. And here's what it's all about.

It is 1931. Ivy Chalmers is almost thirteen, living in Toronto with her mother Frannie, an amateur actress. When Frannie abandons her for the New York City stage, Ivy goes to live in the town of Larkin, with the grandmother she has never met.

Ivy truly believes that her mother will one day return.

But in the meantime, her long-lost father shows up. Instead of being the fairy-tale Prince she has always imagined, the man is an illiterate peddler. He arrives with an old grey horse and a wagon filled with shoes for sale. When he agrees to take Ivy with him, she starts to unravel some of her family's secrets. Not the least of which is her connection to Charlie Bayliss, the boy she finds herself increasingly attracted to.

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