Thursday, March 13, 2014

Writing In Winter

Pathway to reach the birdfeeders.
No one in this part of Ontario will argue when I say it's been a long, cold winter. Even today, nearing the middle of March, we're digging out from another sixteen centimeters of fresh snow.

Unless you're into winter sports there hasn't been much that's been good about the weather this year. Except it's been perfect for staying indoors and getting some writing done. Consequently, my book is now finished. There wasn't much else I could do with my time.

The deadline for delivery to the publisher is March 31st, and while the snow fell and the wind whipped it into enormous drifts, I finished the manuscript by the end of February. Since then, I've written the acknowledgements, compiled the bibliography, and as I read the story through (aloud, for all the nuances, and slowly, to catch the typos) I'm checking that I've included all the important events in Molly Brant's life for the chronology.

The chronology, which is an added feature in all Dundurn's Quest Biographies, appears in two columns, with events in the life of the subject on one side, and events in Canada and the World that took place at the same time, in the other. Readers tell me it helps put the story in context for them.

The chronology and bibliography go at the end of the book, just ahead of the index. I've been jotting down index subjects all through the writing of the book. Next week, I'll assemble the list of illustrations I am proposing and prepare the table of contents.

It feels good not to be rushed at the end. Once I've emailed everything to the publisher I'll be ready for Spring. Bring it on!!

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