Saturday, November 9, 2013

Some Good News!!

There's nothing like a bit of good news to lift a writer's spirit. And to arrive in November, the dreariest month of all! I couldn't be happier.

Last week I had an email from my publisher, letting me know that Laura Secord, Heroine of the War of 1812 had been nominated for a Speaker's Book Award. 

'Way back in August I'd been informed that the book had been submitted for consideration, but I put it out of my mind. It was just one on the list that my publisher, Dundurn Press, had sent in. Other publishers would be doing the same.

But now, Laura is among the group that made it to the award's 2013 short list. How long that is I have no idea; last year there were sixteen book short-listed. She's in illustrious company, but we're both thrilled that she's being recognized.

Now, back to the work-in-progress, with renewed vigour!!

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