Monday, June 22, 2009

Reluctant Reader No More

"Catherine used to be a reluctant reader, until she read one of your books."

Now those are the words a children's writer loves to hear. When Catherine's mother saw how much her daughter enjoyed that first book of mine, she went out and got her the next one. "Catherine read it in four days!" her mother said. "All by herself!"

Last Thursday, at the Picton Library, I gave a presentation and a reading from Trouble at Turtle Narrows to a class of Grade 5 students. Catherine is in Grade 4 and is home-schooled, but she came with her mother to hear me and to have me sign her books. Now I have a new young friend, and Catherine has discovered the joy of reading.

It was a delightful group of children gathered there on the floor in front of me--good listeners, full of questions about the books. Their teacher is reading Treasure at Turtle Lake to them, and they were pleased to hear about the sequel. Such a pleasure to talk to kids who are familiar with the characters and the setting. Thank you to their dedicated teacher, who is himself enthusiastic about reading.

Happy summertime reading!

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