Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of Print

I'm feeling a little sad today. Yesterday I learned that one of my earliest children's books, A Circle in Time (Napoleon, 1997) has gone out of print. It happens, I know. The stock runs out and there is no more demand for the book. But today I will celebrate it's life of 12 years.

A Circle in Time tells a strange adventure in time that happens to 12-year-old Wren Ferris. With the aid of an old mirror discovered in the dressing room of a former movie studio as it is about to be demolished, Wren travels back to the era when her hometown of Trenton, Ontario was Canada's "Hollywood North."

Wren befriends the young daughter of a British director, in town in 1928 to make a war movie. Catching the eye of the director, Wren is offered a small part in his movie--a movie where her own grandparents are also appearing as extras. I loosely based the story on research I had conducted for my non-fiction book, The Movie Years.

A Circle in Time was a good yarn, in my humble opinion. The book received an Our Choice designation by the Canadian Children's Book Centre and a glowing review from the Manitoba Library Association (visit my website at, click on the book cover and read that review). If you own a copy of A Circle in Time, hang onto it. It may be one of the last.

Till next time.
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